The Twisted Runners of Antallos III

Part 4
Rave City and Sokolov's Fury

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It was at Sokolov's door when Masaru realized what had happened. They had lost over 20 men. And Sokolov let into Masaru about it, the young man never seeing Sokolov this way before in his career. It was a man who had messed with Masaru and Yuki earlier, who had clued Sokolov in about how many lives were lost. Needless to say, Sokolov wanted to punish Masaru with his life, but had resisted shooting the gun. 

When the duo returned, Yuki's ankle was in very bad shape, so Masaru searched around, after putting Yuki up on a table, and finally thought to go to the Quarter-Master's room. Masaru spoke with Marcus briefly about what had happened on the mission, the older man let Masaru know of how tight nit everyone was in the Twisted Runners, and how Sokolov worked hard to get the numbers to 100. Afterwards, Masaru came back to Yuki with clean bandages and alcohol. Yuki took the unlabeled bottle, and drank alot of the contents. Masaru used the rest to clean her wound and wrap her ankle up. The two went to the barracks,a and went to sleep for the night. 

Masaru and Yuki were in some hot water with Sokolov. Masaru took the brunt of it, from glares, gossip. The man only finally realizing why everyone was so on edge with him, after a young man in the middle of the night came to him, hitting the bunk bed a few times, to then grabbing him and pinning him to the wall. Masaru heard the painful words "You killed my brother!!" from the man before he left. Earlier, Yuki asked Masaru to go with her to pick up a package, as Masaru begged Yuki to stay, to try and appease Sokolov. Since Masaru felt he couldn't go back to sleep, at 3am in the morning, he carried Yuki to one of the jeeps, and drove off toward the city where a particular dreadful bar was located.  The two made it to the small town in no time flat. Masaru again carried Yuki, and walked through the night, down the street. That was a major mistake. It just so happened that a patrol was headed their way, the duo being recognized as the description of the criminals that the patrol was told to watch out for; a woman with a wounded leg, and a man. The two fit perfectly, and were almost jailed. But with Masaru and Yuki's acting ending up being a total dud, Yuki passed out some cash, 7,000 credits to the patrol to be set free. It worked, and the two decided that even though it hurt like a bitch, Yuki was able to walk on her wounded ankle to avoid any further detection. 


(Giving someone else a chance to write their version of the story if they want to. It not I will continue later!)

Part 3
Assault on Port Krin

The group chose the stealth route and decided to split up to approach Port Krin and the Zero Rain dropship containing The One Man Show in different groups to avoid suspicion. After dodging multiple patrols, they snuck into the dropship but were unable to avoid detection. While they escaped with both the The One Man Show and an Assassin, the other 16 Twisted Runners arrived late due to the confusion around when to show up and were left behind.

Part 2
Yuki Mori

Masaru ran into Yuki Mori, who revealed little about who she was and her history with the native pirates, Zero Rain. Looking for work, Yuki asks to meet Masaru's boss and is led to Fake Sokolov. After vetting that she's not a fake, the pair return to the Twisted Runners' cave network, where Sokolov asks them to reclaim Yuki's One Man Show. Yuki takes a shot at diagnosing the downed Arashifor Masaru but is unable to fix it without the help of a Tech. 

The pair decide to take the stealth approach in their raid on the Zero Rain dropship and are given a platoon of men with melee weapons to find a solution that'll bring Chad Ryder down and reclaim the mech for Yuki.

The story so far...
In a galaxy far, far away... :V

Story so far:

After being disgraced among the Draconis Combine Mustered Soldiery for accidentally killing his longtime friend during battle, Masaru fled to Antallos III and found work among an up and coming organized crime ring known as the “Twisted Runners”.

They hired Masaru to commandeer an old and damaged Wasp they found abandoned in a warehouse due to the lack of mechwarriors who could pilot it.

Masaru took the wasp and was instructed by Sokolov to capture the mayor and bring him back to the runners for ransom. After the mission, Masaru returned the mayor to the runners and hid the wasp near the Runners’ caves.


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